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ITV pick 7 - terms and conditions!

If you want to bet on horse races via ITV pick 7, you need to follow a few terms and conditions. With the free consent of those terms and conditions, you can start your betting at ITV 7. Now, for those who are planning to set bets on the site, first go through the terms and conditions. So that, you can take right decision regarding either you want to continue with the site or not. 

Terms and conditions: 

Who can enter in the site? 

It is the primary and most important thing from which a participant should be aware from. One should look that either he is eligible to take part in ITV 7 or not. The ITV 7 competition are allowed to access in only UK and those, who are aged over 18 are eligible to take part in the site. The 18 year + age condition excludes employees of the promoter, their families and for anyone else who are professionally connected with the competition. 

What is the entry cost in ITV pick 7? 

If you want to get into ITV pick 7, don’t worry about payment. At ITV 7, it is a no entry cost site. Site will only charge the internet cost, nothing else. 

What about jackpot prize? 

On the entry point, for each of the competition one amount is fixed by the promoter in the program as being the jackpot prize. That amount can be the main prize also. The jackpot prize can won by the entrants. In case, no one won the match, and then the jackpot prize will not be awarded for that particular competition. 

Hope that you are satisfied with the above information and will properly place bets at ITV pick 7 to win exclusive prize.